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Rose Lemberg (editor of Stone Telling) is pulling together a compilation which asks the poetry editors at various genre magazines for their top five from 2012 (excluding what their own magazines published). I have not yet decided on my top five, and in any case you would have to wait for Rose's compilation, but here is my longlist, most of which can be read online. If you know of anything wonderful I'm missing that comes from a print-only magazine, I probably haven't seen it; drop me a line by Saturday night and I'll take a look. (It must have been published in 2012.)

note: I am not only not considering Strange Horizons poems; I am also not considering poems by Strange Horizons editors. Therefore, special shout-outs: Blueshift by Sonya Taaffe in Goblin Fruit; In the Firebird Museum by Soyna Taaffe in Stone Telling; Letters to Lost Friends & Imaginary Lovers by AJ Odasso in Strong Verse (which is really not speculative poetry but I like it so I'm linking).

A sad goodbye to Jabberwocky. An abundance of poems this year about golems and about Persephone.

To the list!

Improved initiative status report (Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Pedestal) [note: the poem she's referencing is Theology of Mind by Robert Kelly (2002)]

Composition (Edward Philips, Pedestal)

Robot Scientist’s Daughter (Jeannine Hall Gailey, Pedestal)

The Reproduction of Mothering (uncredited, After Ever After)

Untitled (endless weeks) (Melissa Frederick, Inkscrawl)

The Unseen Good Old Man (Howard V. Hendrix, Inkscrawl)

Sarcophagus (NE Taylor, Inkscrawl)

Homage (Seretta Martin, Inkscrawl)

The Hunchback’s Mother (Sofia Samatar, Inkscrawl)

Vigor Mortis (CW Johnson, Goblin Fruit)

For A Kelpie (Ariel Johnson, Goblin Fruit)

Persephone in Grey (Shweta Naryan, Goblin Fruit)

Hooves (FJ Bergmann, Goblin Fruit)

A Chorus of Severed Pipes (Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, Goblin Fruit)

Reversals (Mari Ness, Goblin Fruit)

Seamstress (Michele Banister, Stone Telling)

we come together we fall apart (Lisa M Bradley, Stone Telling)

the art of domesticity (Kathrin Kohler, Stone Telling)

A Circle in Five Strands (Amal El-Mohtar, Stone Telling)

Sharazad Spoils the Coffee (Sofia Samatar, Jabberwocky)

The Oracle of DARPA (Bogi Takacs, Jabberwocky)

Sycorax awaits the Birth of Caliban (Sandi Leibowitz, Jabberwocky)

Bones from Bones (Helen Ogden, Jabberwocky)

Undoing Winter (Shannon Connor Winward, Jabberwocky)

The Crows and the Witches and the Window (Rachel Swirsky, Apex)

No Poisoned Comb (Amal El-Mohtar, Apex)

the moon is on fire (Dan Campbell, Niteblade)

Castle Lanes (Lisa M Bradley, Niteblade)

The Wake of March (Dan Campbell, Niteblade)

A New Vessel (Amaranth Borsuk, Gulf Coast)

Between Menus (Jennifer L Knox, Gulf Coast)

Wormhole (Jason McCall, Abyss & Apex)

Solarized (Wade German, Abyss & Apex)

Lessons from Swimming (Lida Broadhurst, Abyss & Apex)

They Wait (Marge Simon, Abyss & Apex)

Lakelights (Anton Frost, Abyss & Apex)

And now unto my calling... (Brendan Constantine, Abyss & Apex)

A Tanaga (David Edwards, Astropoetica)

Paradox of Return (Shannon Conrad Winward, Astropoetica)

A Spell for Scrying Mirror Gremlins (Peter Chiykowsky, ChiZine)

Cooking for the Dead (Peter Chiykowsky, ChiZine)

Lady Bird Johnson Built A Wall Between The Worlds (Virginia M Mohlere, ChiZine)

Funeral Chant: Turquoise For Your Ears (Rhea Rose, ChiZine)

White Teeth (David Clink, ChiZine)

New Vaccine Slows Aging (Michael Kreisel, Star*Line)

Since Breaking Through the Ice (Dominik Paresien, Star*Line)

Wild Rat Prophecy (Chris Lynch, Star*Line)

Progress Report (Leslie Anderson, NewMyths)

Report From the Provinces (Wayne Miller, Boulevard 2012; the link is to a reprint)

The First Ghazal of the Zombie Bride (Miriam Kotzin, Boulevard; not easily available online)

Venice in Rough Light (William Logan, Boulevard Vol. 27 No. 3, not available online)

Untitled (Brian Simoneau, Boulevard - scroll down to second page)

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Date: 2013-01-31 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Wow, thank you, Romie! I'm so glad you liked the poem.

Virginia Mohlere


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