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Postorbital just hit 100 subscribers. (None of 'em adbots; all verified real people who aren't trying to sell me anything.) Some recent updates (not remotely the most popular ones, just some that I like):

"Everyone wore shirts like nylon billboards, sleep-recorded dream images trembling across their chests."
(Nov 21)

"On second look, it wasn’t eyeliner, but a second set of eyelids, black and bionic. When we stepped into the sun, she blinked them into place."
(Nov 9)

"Hill cities were like islands; you would no sooner leave one by foot than walk into the sea. Travel past a curtain wall was airborne and remained above the pathogen line. Rumors passed from older to younger children that sirens lived in the valleys, mermaids who lured men into the waterless ocean and infected them with flesh-eaters. Adults knew mermaids weren’t necessary. Those who descended from the mountaintops, they called drowned."
(Aug 31)

"It’s a strange experience to watch Luli as she works the pedals of her drone, parrot claws dropping and pulling the levers. I ask her if she can explain what she’s doing; “original flying bird,” she squawks, one of her favorite phrases."
(Aug 26)

On the other side of science fiction, I just re-read my blog entry about problems with police privelege in the court system from back in April. Note how much time I felt I had to spend at the beginning convincing people there was a problem that ought to be addressed. And maybe I still do, I don't know.
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I continue my self-amusement side project wherein I post an incredibly short SF flash piece every day, Postorbital. I'm up to not quite 140; it started at the beginning of April. Here are some of my favorites recently.


Half her head was missing, but her remaining eye was as friendly as ever, and the processor in her chest was none the worse for wear. “Just some sensor loss,” she said, waving her hand in the empty space where an ear and cheek should have been.


The candidate’s face was tattooed on each potato in squid ink, with the words “I live in you.”


The news had to be embarrassing, or they would have delivered it in person. Instead, they had sent a blinking, big-eyed, baby-voiced cat hologram. “A special message for MEW!” enthused the cat hologram.


Jun. 7th, 2014 10:52 pm
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I think I've forgotten to mention this here, but for the last two months and some I've been writing an ultraflash SF story for each day; I put them up at postorbital.tumblr.com. At this point there are not quite 70 of them.

There's not really a "why" to it, nor do I know how long I'll keep doing it. They're free for the taking if anybody wants to expand any of them.


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