Feb. 5th, 2016

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I'm rooting for Bernie Sanders at the moment purely because I'm tired of seeing people who make three times my income talk about how they're "poor" because they "don't make finance money." I'm all about class solidarity and am troubled that median income has remained flat for the last 15 years while inflation has not. I get feeling squeezed when you feel you work very hard and bring a lot of value to a company but aren't adequately compensated. I understand how exhausting it is to constantly fall short of financial milestones you set for yourself, even though you have all the advantages.

But you're not poor. I'm tired ot hearing from all these poor people in the top 15% of incomes whining to me that "finance money" is what it takes to be not poor, and patting themselves on the back for having saved a little something for retirement by taking more affordable vacations, unlike the other irresponsible poors (aka the actual poor).

Finance money shouldn't exist. It's undeserved. Farmers don't eat 300 times more than anybody else, and mattress makers don't sleep 100 hours more than anyone else. But I'm not even mad at the finance guys at this point, even though I want to take allllll their money. I'm mad at these ridiculous high-paid non-finance 30-year-olds who call themselves poor (because they're not made men) and lecture the rest of us about how we need to learn better money management skills and put more into the employer-matched 401Ks we obviously all have impoverished access to, plus magically find high-quality affordable housing and funding for the initial deposits and moving costs.

So Bernie, I am with you. I already was, even though I think you need to get behind reparations plus immigration reform. But now I am with you for a new reason, which is the hope I will never have to read another of these "poor non-finance me" essays. In the meantime, I'll go over my budget again to find the money I'm "leaving on the table" which doesn't exist. Pretty sure it's going into high-interest student loan payments I can't refinance because my income's not high enough even though I have a perfect credit score and haven't ever missed a payment, going on 6 years. I probably haven't read the right guru.

Don't get me wrong: I'm fine. Yet tired of that fiction where we pretend that everything under $250,000 a year is the same income bracket.


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