Jan. 12th, 2016

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Ciro is pretty broken up about the death of David Bowie, who has been an important part of his autobiography, and particularly his relationship with his father, who died two years ago. David Bowie was to some extent the part of his father that was still on Earth, if that makes sense.

Ciro's not good about updating any of his several blogs anymore (writing time goes to other places and other sorts of writing), but I thought that what he's said on the subject was significant enough to rescue from facebook and put someplace less ephemeral.

Ciro wrote:

"I feel disgusting having all this grief over someone I never met, like some kind of fame vampire, but there's no way around it -- the work and the man are like cornerstones of my own identity, and they have given me so much hope for myself and for the world. My father used to sing me to sleep with Space Oddity. It's a terrible thing to lose him. I have to work today, but I'd rather just stay home, listen to music, and cry.

The contemporary obsession with demographics obscures how out of step and lost I feel (and grew up feeling) in the world of sensible people, and how much I learned about real worth from a small-town Italian who left an unspeakable childhood for big bad America, but always carried the small town inside him.

Both of us learned some of how to survive our difference, and to value it, from David Bowie. A loss that unfolds and unfolds and I can't see the end of it, but it still doesn't equal what he gave to us.

I gladly give thanks with all my heart."


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