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A friend from college shared another of those "disgusting things you don't realize you eat" lists that tells you how various food additives come from coal tar, sand, hair, etc and how some of those chemicals are also used in flame retardants, antifreeze, and so forth. And while everybody is doing the "oh my god gross I only eat organic" dance in the comments, my reaction is. . .


I already knew about those chemicals, but it's a pleasure every time someone points them out. Any time I start to doubt humanity, I see a list like this, and I think, I am an omnivore and I eat the world. The whole world.

Anybody who tries to tell me other animals are as impressive as human beings doesn't understand how dominant we are. The world for our dominion indeed.

Tomorrow, Mars.

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Date: 2014-03-12 07:13 pm (UTC)
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I wonder how they would react if one listed up to them all the various uses of water as well as how common water is in our environment, without saying it was water one was talking about. And of course, things like arsenic are quite natural.


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