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Kitchen Mysteries

Things I have realized in the last 24 hours:

1. Colcannon, a food I like, and German Potato Salad with Sauerkraut, another food I like, are the same food. They are mashed hot potatoes with cooked-down salty cabbage mixed in. If I have leftover colcannon and I want to turn it into an approximation of german potato salad, all I have to do is mix in some mustard or vinegar or hot sauce. If I have leftover German potato salad I want to make into an approximation of colcannon, mash it down more and add cream. They are very similar.

2. Although during my childhood I ate either chicken in marsala sauce or pork in marsala sauce pretty much biweekly (it's one of my Mom's go-to sauces), marsala is, on its own, a fortified wine like port or sherry, and I don't have to make marsala sauce a bajillion more times to use the rest of the bottle, in the same way that vodka can be used for more things than vodka sauce.
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I've never heard of marsala sauce. That sounds amazing.
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I could totally veganize that. Earth Balance for butter and probably seitan for meat?
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Is marsala suitable wine for sabayon/zabaglione? Too lazy to check.