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Date: 2017-05-29 07:53 am (UTC)
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Examining this question of how to do counter-reactionary fashion has made me more sympathetic to the ugly stuff (like the famed high-waist cropped mom jeans with clear plastic knees), because if you take everything that has ever been popular off the table, all you're left with is bad ideas, and an aggressively bad idea is a way to signal "I'm not into the stuff you jerks are into."

I think the sweat/stretch/athleisure stuff is purely cheaper to make in bulk, since you don't have to worry about construction. It just stretches! A large segment of the retail fashion industry would like to cut three holes in a sheet of lycra and call it a day, but they have to add a couple of embellishments (like an ornamental drawstring) so everyone doesn't say "hey, I could make this myself." In contrast, a non-stretch woman's trouser is difficult to make for the mass market, because there's so much variation in waist-to-hip ratio. It's only worth putting out all the fit variations if you're sure you can move enough units at a high enough price point - which means jeans.

(At least in the U.S., women are willing to pay more for jeans than trousers made from other material, and I haven't seen an explanation for why, since they're informal. I think it might be the literal weight of the fabric: this seems heavy, so I'm not paying much money for how much I'm getting.)

I am so mad about all the sheer stuff. I don't want to have to layer three or four shirts to achieve "eyes up here" opacity. The only time I wear three or four shirts, it's for warmth, and those shirts are not there to protect my body heat (or, perversely, to keep me cool on a hot day).
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