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rinue ([personal profile] rinue) wrote2016-07-04 09:46 pm


Today I embroidered some french knots on a t-shirt, which is significant because I've been failing to embroider french knots for more than 25 years. As far as I can tell, I did exactly the same thing as always, except this time it worked 10 times in a row instead of not at all. This a culmination of hundreds of non-french-knots (which are instead merely very small stitches) attempted as a lark, in approximately the same spirit of fun as "I have found a raffle ticket on the sidewalk!" Oh, mysteries of life.

My main mental occupation at the moment is restraining myself from saying things about Brexit, since even though I live in Europe and most of my professional connections are in Britain, my interest in the subject seems quite a bit like rubbernecking.