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rinue ([personal profile] rinue) wrote2016-03-30 11:08 pm


A Roman Catholic priest came by today to give the apartment an Easter blessing; they make the rounds this time of year, going door to door. (Italy's more than 75% Catholic. By some polls, 87%.) He was sweet and gentle and did his best to use (pretty good, honestly) English for my benefit even though his main languages are Italian, Latin, and French. He flung drops of holy water all over while making comradely small talk, and then he was on to the next house.

Because of Ciro's and my different though not-uncompatible views of religion, Ciro (who wasn't present) characterizes the visit: a wizard came and cast good luck spells on our house. I took it as: social workers have made a casual visit in case I am in distress but unable/afraid to contact anyone. Anyway, it was nice.

Otherwise I have mainly been doing laundry and dishes, and coughing.