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I finally have a houseplant that isn't windowsill herbs! It was on sale at the grocery store, and the label was vague, so I've had to identify it through my own taxonomic skill. It's either the Pachira Aquatica or the Pachira Glabra, but I think the only way to know definitively is for it to produce a seed pod, which would be either 12-inches long and brown (Aquatica) or 6-inches long and green (Glabra), which it won't do before it's four or five years old, and probably not ever at all as an indoor plant. So it is a plant of eternal mystery which could end up being about 10 feet tall.

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Date: 2016-11-16 01:18 am (UTC)
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I am happy to be enlightened but also a combo of vindicated in my guess that you would know what Oscar Wilde's hot chocolate would taste like down to a T, and so curious. Is it that you've accumulated such a mass already of, not sure of a good word for this in English, like the little factual details of life but in history, that you just knew? Or did you look it up but in what sort of book could you have looked it up? Basically I want to learn what is the way to have known the answer myself.


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