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Not dead; short on writing time even more so than always. Not that I think anybody reading this was worried, because as far as I know the only people who read this are people with whom I correspond either through e-mail or the occasional blog comment, and that part I still manage. My folks were in town for a few weeks, plus I'm editing a friend's novel and trying to wedge in some time when my husband and I are simultaneously awake, offline, and in the same room.

Even at the best of times, my schedule of the moment only allows me 20 hrs per week of writing/thinking time, in maximum 2-hr tranches. Not that I don't think and jot round the clock, but it's next to impossible to produce anything with a throughline if you can't count on at least 20 minutes until the next interruption. Basically I have to triage toward stuff that's going to make me money or that's artistically important. Usually it's not a full 20 hours, either; usually 5 to 10 of those go to other stuff like laundry and showers I can't put off anymore, or napping because I had to deal with something overnight.

That's not an excuse for not writing journal entries, because I don't need one. It's a journal entry. Add some kind of rotating mild ilness (at present, chest cold) and this is my life right now.
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